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A range of popular UK homes and interiors magazines are listed below with a brief description of their particular focus and an indication of the cover price. We hope this will help to inform your decision as to which types of magazines suit your needs.
25 Beautiful Homes
25 Beautiful Homes + Kitchens Magazine covers A guided tour of 25 irresistible real homes with practical ideas to inspire your own interior design. This magazine provides uninterrupted features about reader's homes, and ideas on how to get the very best from your own home.
Cover price
25 Beautiful Homes 3.10
25 Beautiful Kitchens 3.50
Homes & Gardens
Homes & Gardens Magazine cover As Britain’s leading interior design magazine, Homes & Gardens brings you an evocative and inspiring combination of the traditional and the modern - from the floral and romantic to the bold, colourful and quirky. Homes & Gardens has developed a distinctive feel that reflects the changes and developments in interior design - changes that people with a passion for decorating and interiors are inspired and excited by - while reviving and celebrating the quintessentially British designs that suit every home.
Check out the website >
Cover price 3.10
House & Garden
House and Garden House and Garden is all about getting it right and doing it with classic style. From picnics for the season and Chanel at Chelsea to Nina Campbell at home... The original house and garden magazine - classic chic!
Check out the website >
Cover price 3.20
House Beautiful
Discover expert decorating and design tips and creative ideas to help you transform your home. Every issue is packed full of features on the homes of both celebrities and readers, with achievable and affordable ideas.
Check out the website >
Cover price 2.90
Ideal Home
Ideal Home Magazine cover

Ideal Home has the highest net circulation of all the "Women's Home Interest" Magazine titles

Inspiring and authoritative, Ideal home, winner of the PPA consumer magazine of the year, provides you with the complete guide to creating and enjoying a beautiful, welcoming home.

More ideas…. You’ll find the best ideas come to you at home with every issue packed with inspiration. With so much to choose from, you’ll be able to create your ideal home. More tips…. Discover the secrets of expert designers as they reveal the tricks of the trade. Find new ways to brighten up your bathroom, simple tips to bring out the features of a room, an in-depth shopping guide and much more! More style…. Explore real readers’ home transformed with clever make-overs. Find ideas to inspire you in every room, from kitchens to bathrooms, living rooms to bedrooms, and discover how to achieve the home you’ve always wanted.

Cover price 2.90
Livingetc Magazine cover Livingetc has captured the hearts and minds of the young, creative and cosmopolitan consumer who sees their home as a reflection of their lifestyle and their personality.

Livingetc is the contemporary home and lifestyle magazine that has a philosophy of modern chic, urban living and self expression - all in a format that is both directional and accessible.

Cover price 3.10
Woman & Home
Woman & Home Magazine cover Woman and Home appreciates that today’s women have a variety of different interests. While the family and home are still a major focus, Woman & Home’s consumers are also looking to enrich their own lives.

This monthly title gives readers an opportunity to indulge in
fashion, travel, entertainment and home improvement. Woman & Home readers want an absorbing, entertaining read - they want to be challenged, they want to be different. Woman & Home helps them
fulfill that role.

Cover price 2.90
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