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Where to go for inspiring design ideas
There are a number of excellent places to visit and publications to browse through to help kick start your thinking when it comes to spicing up your home. Many of these home furnishings and interior design resources will be familiar to you, however, some will be completely new. Take the time to check out some of the more unusual ones when you have a spare minute, you never know what you might find! 
You might also like to visit our 'Weblinks' directory which lists a wide range of useful websites organised into categories, with a short review of each to help you select sites of interest.
The Simply Furnishings Design Index

design index

The Design Index is packed full interior design advice and top tips to help you create a beautiful home. If you are feeling baffled by design concepts, have no idea where to begin, or would simply like a few ideas on how to brighten up a room - from colour and pattern to proportion and mood, its all here!
Show Homes.... even if you have no intention of moving house!
Why should posh show houses only interest serious potential buyers? Who hasn't enjoyed the odd moment browsing through Homes & Gardens or strolling around the homeware section of M&S? Show homes are no different.
The property developer went to a lot of trouble and expense to hire a professional interior designer to devise colour schemes and layouts, to purchase furniture and to create stunning window dressings and co-ordinating accessories for every room... Such artwork surely deserves an audience!  Next time you've got a free weekend why not stop by a new housing development in your area (and lets face it there are new properties springing up all over the place). You'll pick up some great design tips and hopefully gain the inspiration you need to start revamping your own home!  
Interior design and home style magazines
Otherwise known as "Women's Home Interest Magazines" to those in the media world.  While we've all heard of the best sellers such as House & Garden, Ideal Home and The BBC Good Homes Magazine, there are over 25 homestyle magazine titles to choose from.  Here is a short list of some of the more popular UK titles:
  • House and Garden
  • Homes & Gardens
  • Ideal Home
  • 25 Beautiful Homes
  • Living etc
  • Elle Decoration
  • Home Style
  • Perfect Home
  • Homes & Antiques
  • The World of Interiors
  • House Beautiful
  • The Real Homes Magazine
  • Period Living
  • BBC Good Home
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Inspirations for your home
  • Homes & Ideas
  • Home Flair
  • Wallpaper
All of the home interest magazines have a slightly different focus, with style and content varying enormously. You probably won't find trendy decorative paint techniques in Period Living or traditional swags and tails in Elle Decoration, so make sure your choice of magazine reflects the sort of feature articles and interior design ideas that you are looking for at the time. Follow the HomeStyle Magazines link to find out what the publishers have to say about some of their leading titles and sign up for a discounted subscription. For more on

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