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From: SimplyFurnishings.com team
Category: Other
Date: 08 Jun 2008
Time: 14:32


To all our regular visitors and contributors Firstly a big thank you to you all for using our forum to share your questions, ideas, tips etc. It is a real pleasure to see so many of you coming back again and again to share your skills and experience with others. Over the past few years our forum has been the target of spam postings, made by automated robots from Asian websites. These are usually irrelevant to our visitors and often illegible anyway. This is, I'm sure, very irritating for you all and we are going to try to address the issue with some changes to the forum. The best option seems to be to use a more sophisticated forum tool, which would provide us with better control over postings, as well as a range of useful added features that should make the forum more usable and interesting. If we take this approach the forum would be freely accessible to view postings, but in order to make postings/replies you would need to complete a very short registration to give you a login username and password. We will also be able to set up some of our regular and long time contributors as adminsitrators so that they can create new topic areas and be involved in monitoring or removing unwanted posts (e.g. advertisements). This type of forum is used by most large websites such as the BBC. It allows you to submit your postings into certain 'topic' areas, making it more structured (as opposed to the current long list) and easier to find the subjects you are interested in. You can also paste quotes into your postings from other people's submissions so that you can refer directly to a certain part of another post. My questions to you all are therefore: 1) Would you like to see this sort of change or would you prefer that we leave the forum as it is? 2)Would you continue to use the forum if you needed to login, if this would help prevent spam postings? 3)Would any of you like to be involved as adminsitrators to help our team consistently improve the forum? Ultimately this is YOUR forum, so we would very much appreciate your involvement in deciding on how best to improve it. Many thanks in advance for your help. Jo Molnar Director SimplyFurnishings.com