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Mitre corners on a rug

From: Jean
Category: Basic sewing techniques
Date: 09 Jun 2008
Time: 23:18


Hi, If you measure the edging that you wish to use on the finished rug and cut 4 lengths (if it is rectangular the 2 x long sides and 2 x shorter sides) With each piece fold it in half length ways and pressin place, then open back out flat. At one end take hold of the outer corner points and fold them in towards the centre crease (giving the appearance of an arrow head) iron the folds and repeat at the other this on all 4 lengths, fold back in half again and press with the corners tucked giving the appearance of snipped corners on both ends. Start with one piece and insert the rug edge into the long fold ensuring that thelongest edge of the fold fits from end to end on say the shortest end of the rug. Sew that in place along the inner edge, repeat the same with the longer edge now, ensuring that the now mitred corners meet and you will now see at this stage how the rest will marry up...repeat the sewing on the innermost edge...when all 4 edges are covered sew the actual mitered corners together ...I hope this makes sense to you? If not please email me at and I will be able to help you of luck...jean

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