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Re: swags & tails

From: Louise
Category: Advanced sewing query
Date: 19 Jan 2007
Time: 11:34


Swags and tails really need a pattern - either bought or made to measurements. This is a project where having a good soft furnishings book is important as there are so many variables to consider and choices of fitting etc. Essentially swags should be about 1/5 of the curtain length, tails 2 or 3 times swag depth. You need to decide whether to butt the swags together or overlap by 5-10cm. Each swag is usually between 60 to 100cm wide unless there is just one when it could be wider but these can be difficult to drape. One width of fabric will make a swag up to approx 100cm wide, for the drop allow approximately 2.25 x swag length. For straight tails cut drop per tail = 1 width x length of tail + 10cm seam allowance. You can buy readymade patterns for swags from places like and You can also get a wide range of patterns from who are based in the US but they ship the patterns quite quickly. If you fancy making your own then take a look at the Ebook available from here Alternatively you would probably find a book at your library if you didn't want to buy one.

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