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Re: what to charge

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Date: 04 Mar 2007
Time: 09:48


Pricing is a tricky issue. Basically, I think you have to start with what you want to earn per hour, calculate how long it takes to make a particular item, and cross reference this with what other people are charging in your area, and what is a reasonable price to pay. It takes time, and a bit of trial and error, but eventually you'll get it right for you. You would earn far more if you dealt with customer's yourself - some companies do rip-you off if you are an out-worker. Years ago being paid 7.50 per blind or 10 for large was not unusual! Today 17.50 for a blind 50" wide by 54" drop is not unheard of 17.50. These would be charged to the customer at 60-70. If you do decide to work for shops/designers use the opportunity to try different methods and perfect your work. Take photos of everything you make to build a portfolio.

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