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Swags & Tails

From: Fiona
Category: Advanced sewing query
Date: 04 Mar 2007
Time: 09:53


I have a window 130cm wide which butts up to the wall on the rght hand side leaving no stackback. I would like to dress with window with one swag and tails. No light should be obstructed. I have got a Merrick and Day pattern for swags and tails and they say that one swag will only fit up to a window width of 130cm. My width needs to incorporate 10-15cm of stackback on the left, making an overall width of 140-145cm. No curtains are involved. Merrick and Day's pattern is for fabric width of 48". Most fabric today if 54". Can I extend their pattern at the top to accommodate the extra 6" of fabric and hopefully make the swag wider? I could raise the pole slightly to accommodate any extra depth. I would welcome any advise please.

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