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Re: Italian strung curtains

From: Jan
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Date: 23 Aug 2007
Time: 13:32


Hi Jen, I've done quite a few of these and have found that it is probably best to use brass ring as 1st ring closest to leading edge of curtain, this will take most of the weight when curtain is open, and I've found plastic rings used for Roman blinds break. As the ring has to be spot tacked through to the face fabric I use a small button on the face side to displace the weight and prevent the spot tack from making a hole in the fabric. The button only need be small, and in the past I have matched the colour to curtain or used clear. Try use a matt button as any shine will catch the light and your eye will be drawn to the button, often the reverse side of a button is matt. I have found that when the curtain is closed any buttons used can fall in a fold so not be obvious and the same when curtain open. Merrick and Day explain how to place the rings in Encyclopedia of Curtains. If the curtains are across a very wide window then I have in the past made two arcs of rings on each curtain, so that the curtain swags up in two places on each curtain. The cording will go up through the rings on each arc and then up vertically to screw eye and across top of track through further screw eyes and down to acorn. Hope some of this helps The other thing to remember with italian stringing is it can lift the leading edge of the curtain quite a bit off the floor so you may want to compensate for this by having finished length of curtains so that quite a bit pooling on floor.

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