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Re: Help I am window treatment challenged!

From: Deanne
Category: What do you suggest? e.g. colours, styles
Date: 30 Aug 2007
Time: 23:09


Thanks Jan. One of the windows is above our bed and anything fabric even those honeycomb type blinds would harbor dust mites and their droppings would end up on our bed and that causes us to get all stuffed up. Where there is dust there is mold so whatever it is I have to be able to wipe it down periodically. I can't afford the time or the money to wash or dry clean the drapes every week or month. I could make the time to quickly wipe them down. That is why I keep leaning towards some vinyl solution. There has to be moms with kids who take naps during the day and have allergies who would be interested in such a solution. Also folks who work at night who have allergies. There has been a lot in the news about the fact that reducing the light in your bedroom at night helps with getting a more restful sleep. All those lights from alarm clocks and telephones and bomb boxes and etc add up in a room. Also they recommend a night light in bathroom. Recently a study came out about the link between women who work at night and breast cancer. They think the light at night has an affect on the immune system. I started to cover the lights in my room and noticed a big difference I was surprised at how I got used to so much light from all the electronics we had in our room. I will let you all know if someone comes up with a good solution.

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