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Re: Shortening handstitched curtains

From: sharon
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Date: 12 Sep 2007
Time: 20:43


Do not try to unpick the pleats - it is too timeconsuming. Turning up the hem is not easy once the pleats are in place, but it is the only way to go about it. My advice is to use table clamps and clamp large sections of the hem along the edge of a table, and mark the new height, pin into place, and move along the hem in the same way. This way you are sure to get the right measurement hem all the way through. If you simply move the pin hooks down, you will lose th effect of the pole on display as it the right way to hang these curtains. If it is on a track, then you have to think how high the track is placed and how low you would reposition the hooks before you do this method. You do not want to end up with the curtains so high that they sag forward. Do it the way I explained with the table clamps - by the way if you do not have table clamps it is the best investment you could make if you sew curtains - it is literally like having a second pair of hands. Good luck.

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