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Re: interlining too wide

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Date: 10 Oct 2007
Time: 19:00


You do not want all the seams to line up fabric/lining/interlining as this means all the bulk is in one place. Lay the fabric out flat, wrong side up. Start from the leading edge and place the edge of the interlining on the fold line for the sidelay of the curtain. Then lay the interlining across the width of the curtain, interlocking at each half width. When you reach the other side of the curtain simply trim away any excess interlining to the fold line. When dealing with interlining be extra careful not to stretch it when smoothing out any wrinkles as it is less stable than fabric. If it is stretched when you lockstitch it in place it will pucker the curtain when it contracts back to shape. For a luxurious effect you can continue the interlining into the hem fold to add bulk.

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