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Re: Advice re: difficult customer

From: Mel
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Date: 13 Dec 2007
Time: 20:44


Hi thanks for replying. They are querying it purely because they have curtain poles in all room, except for the main lounge which has a curtain track, therefore I did the spaces slightly smaller at around 12cm on the track so they didn't hide the pleats when they fold forward when the curtains are open. Obviously on a pole they fold to the back so the size isn't quite an issue but they are all 2.5x fullness, the track being 3x fullness. Unfortunately I didn't list the sizes in my quotation but he asked me to go in and measure up and did not make it clear to me that he wished for this particular pole to be raised higher and for the curtains in that room to be full length. They are now also saying that they wanted really big tiebacks for the lounge and I'd just made standard size, about 90cm embrace for 3.5 widths. Again this wasn't something that was brought to my attention at the beginning. This is slowly turning into a nightmare!

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