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Complicated bow window project

From: Sophie
Category: What do you suggest? e.g. colours, styles
Date: 29 Jan 2008
Time: 13:12


Hi, by an amazing coincidence, I have an unusual window very similar to another poster on this forum! I have read the advice you gave them, but my situation is even more complicated -- or at least what I would like to do is a complicated idea. Okay, it is a bow window, made of six separate window panes, forming a sort of semicircle. Each of the these is just over 60 centimetres wide, and about 130 centimetres high. There is a flat roof above, and no space between the roof/ceiling of the bow, and the top of the window frames. There is a narrow windowsill approximately 60 centimetres off the floor and no radiator. The wall below the windowsill also curves out and round, exactly following the window line. (The whole bow window is easily large enough to fit a couple of armchairs and a table). The walls of our house are approximately 60 centimetres deep, so in addition to the six individual windows, there is a further 60 centimetre section of wall on both the right and left side of the bow window. IE these eight sections (six window panes, and a section of wall on either side) form the semicircle. Hope you have got all that! Okay, so we really need to have six roller blinds, so that we can control the light reflections falling on the TV, without having to sit in total darkness. However, we also like the idea of full-length curtains. During the day, each curtain would sit against the 60 centimetre deep section of wall, which would look quite elegant. However, because the windowsill sticks out, the curtains would not hang straight if the curtain track/pole was set up right next to the window panes. So, we would have to have the curtains something like 15 centimetres forward of the window panes. As you look at the bow window from the living room, there would then be a gap between the curtains and the wall (the top section, down as far as the windowsill), so we would like to bend the curtain rail/track around the corner and along the living room wall by approximately 10 or 15 centimetres. Still with me? So what I'm looking for is a way of organising six roller blinds and a pair of curtains, on a system which can be customised to fit, and obviously bend round corners. It could be ceiling mounted in the bow window, but the ceiling in the main part of the living room is considerably higher. I really want to get some artificial light into this area in the evening, so I'm thinking of having a rope light cut to fit, and fixing it right into the corner (with the ceiling) all the way around the bow. On a fixed setting, this should give a fairly subtle but effective source of light, particularly because it will 'up light' the ceiling of the bow window. We like a fairly modern look, but could be persuaded to go for a pelmet if there is so much going on that it just looks messy... We chose roller blinds over Roman because we don't want to lose much light at the top of the windows. Although we've made curtains and roller blinds in the past, we are complete novices about the numerous practical considerations for this project. Any advice would be most welcome. Thank you in advance. Oh, and I live in the UK.

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