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Re: pinch pleat

From: Louise
Category: Advanced sewing query
Date: 25 Feb 2008
Time: 17:51


Try this - Take the length of the pole or track. Add to that the overlaps and returns. Divide by 2. Add springback - usually 10cm per curtain. This is your finished width. Measure the flat width of the curtain. Take away the finished width. This is your amount available for pleats. Divide the amount available for pleats by the number of pleats you will have (usually 4/5 per fabric width). This will be your pleat measurement. Take the finished width minus your flat leading edges and returns. This is the available space. Divide this amount by one less than the number of pleats you have decided on. This will be your space measurement. Double check that leading edges and space measurements total your finished width. Double check that your pleat total plus leading edges, returns and spaces all add up to the total flat width. Double check that the amount available for pleats is sufficient. i.e. if thick or interlined will need to be larger pleats. This can be quite hard to grasp if you have not tried it before so have a go on paper before you make up any curtains..... The Ebook on CD from this site is very good and includes a clear method for making this sort of heading.

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