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Re: difficult customer - what should I do

From: enid
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Date: 10 Apr 2008
Time: 13:01


I'm still not very clear what is wrong or what the customer expects. Taking the previous suggestions, you have remeasured, redone the heading tape and rehung. Why are the strings of the tape in the middle if you know that they should be at the outside edges? I'm sorry but even if its a difficult customer there is no reason why you should give her a refund if she was satisfied with them in the first place and paid you. Go back, sweetly, and ask her outright what the problem is bearing in mind what extra work you have put in. It may be a case of sticking to your guns and telling her, in the nicest possible manner, that after having 'played ' with them there is nothing more you can do. Is it to do with uneven floors? Track not level, might be an idea to bring along a spirit level to check the floor. Have a look at where there has been a posting on exactly this subject under the heading of uneven floors.

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