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Re: italian stringing

From: Pip
Category: Other
Date: 22 May 2008
Time: 09:30


Italian string curtains... You have a large single 30cm hem with a false mitre and the lining slipped stitched and sewn up high - The reason for this is to prevent the lining showing when the curtains are drawn up. As you draw up the curtain the leading edge should form a waterfall effect, all you should see is the main fabric or contrast border, the larger hem ensures the lining is hidden. If you're interlining you should cut the main fabric and interlining to the same length, allowing 30cm's on both for the hem turning. Turn both up 30cm's, create a false mitre and herringbone the across the hem line. Lay your lining into place, there is no need to hem the lining; place the lining a few cm's over the hem line, fold under the lining (single small hem fold)and slip stitch it to the hem line - Be sure to keep them all straight and laying flat. The first ring should be brought in from the leading edge and not placed on the edge - the last ring inside the curtain should be around 1/3 in from the outside edge; this will ensure the outer side line stay straight when the curtains are drawn up. I would suggest you use safety pins rather than rings until you're happy with the draw, once you're happy sew the rings in place and remove the safety pins. This and other useful information, virtual chat with other curtain makers and people in the industry.. at...

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