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Teach Yourself Cushions

Teach Yourself Cushions   Our first practical step-by-step Teach Yourself Guide to cushion making. This guide covers every stage of the design, planning, measuring, cutting out and making-up processes and is ideal for beginners. Teach Yourself Cushions shows you how to make a simple square, piped cushion made of plain fabric. 

Once you have mastered these basic cushion making techniques, the comprehensive design variations section will enable you to develop your sewing skills further and produce a wide range of exciting cushion designs. You will soon be confidently experimenting with different fabrics, piping, trimmings, pin tucks and contrasting borders!

Price: 8.99 / $17.89

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Cream piped square cushion with top stiched faux fur bands
Cream piped cushion with pintucked front cover
Cushions are a good starting point for your first soft furnishings project
This guide is designed to cater for all levels of experience and is particularly suitable for beginners embarking on their first soft furnishings project. The step-by-step instructions are supported by illustrations to guide you and practical guidance on how to complete all the necessary soft furnishings sewing techniques. For a little extra help, this guide should be used in conjunction with our free introductory guide - 'Basic Sewing Equipment and Techniques' - which provides instructions on a wide range of simple seams and stitches. Click here to view and print this free guide now. The appendix to Teach Yourself Cushions also includes invaluable instructions covering the more advanced soft furnishings sewing techniques used.
Our unique guide is great value for money and is provided as an immediate download after purchase, in Adobe PDF format, for you to read, print and re-use again and again. 
Click here to view a small excerpt from the guide
(This PDF file will require Adobe Acrobat to view)
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Basic Design A square, piped, zipped cushion made of plain fabric
Step 1 Plan Thoroughly
  • Consider the use of the cushion
  • Choose the right face fabric
  • Choose the right filling
  • Consider the design
Step 2 Estimation of materials
  • Face fabric
  • Piping, zip and sewing thread
  • Cushion pad
  • Other ancillary materials
Step 3 Making Up and Evaluation
  • Cutting out the face fabric
  • Making up the piping sleeve
  • Attaching the piping
  • Setting the zip
  • Finishing off
  • Evaluation
Step 4 Supplementary Notes - Design Variations
  • Cushion with ruched piping - square or rectangular
  • Cushion with padded band - square or rectangular
  • Cushion with decorative trim - fan edge, bobbled or ruched trim
  • Cushion with applied contrasting border design or braid
  • Cushion with pin tucks to front cover
Soft Furnishing Sewing Techniques
  • Piping techniques
  • Applied mitred border
  • Mitring and jointing trimmings
Next steps
If you would like to purchase our step-by-step guide to cushion making, simply click on the 'Add to shopping basket' button at the top of this page. Your guides can be paid for quickly and securely online and will be available for immediate download after purchase.
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