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Teach Yourself Valances

Teach Yourself Valances   Our Teach Yourself Valances guide is a comprehensive, practical resource that will will both inspire you and provide you with the skills and guidance needed to produce a range of beautiful lined valances. The guide covers every stage of the design, planning, measuring, cutting out, making-up and installation processes, including detailed descriptions of the materials you will need and useful illustrations to guide you.

Even if you have never made a valance of any sort before, this guide has everything you need to create stunning valances with a truly professional finish!

Price: 8.99 / $25.85

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Making your own valances in a range of designs is easier than you think
This guide is ideal for those of you who have some experience making curtains and would like to attempt something a little more adventurous.  Having mastered the skills involved in curtain making it is a simple process to adapt those skills to make a beautiful pleated or gathered valance.  Making a professionally finished valance will add that something extra to your window dressings.
Divided into 8 easy to follow steps encompassing the design, estimation, makeup and installation processes involved, this guide will give you all the inspiration you need to make your own unique valance designs.  Starting with the simplest valance with a gathered heading, you can easily progress onto the more complex styles.  Our Design Variations Section includes instructions on box pleated valances and those with scalloped lower edges.  The Top Tips Section contains guidance on how to give your design the really professional finish you are after.
Our unique guide is great value for money and is provided as an immediate download after purchase, in Adobe PDF format, for you to read, print and re-use again and again. 
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(This PDF file will require Adobe Acrobat to view)
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Step 1- Plan Thoroughly
  • Understand the definition of a valance
  • Understand the method of suspension
  • Choose the right fabric
  • Consider the design
Step 2 - Estimation of fabric and materials
  • Pelmet board and window measurement
  • Taped Headed with variations
  • Slot Headed
  • Hand stitched headings
  • Patterned fabrics - all styles
  • Bias trim or lipping
Step 3 - Estimation of ancillary materials
  • Lining
  • Interlining
  • Tape/curtain buckram
  • Accessories
Step 4 - Making Up
  • Straight valance
  • Taped headed valance
  • Shaped valance
  • Valance with slot heading
  • Valance with hand stitched heading
  • Interlined valance
Step 5 - Installation
  • Positioning and anchoring
Step 6 - Evaluation
  • This important final step enables you to carry out an invaluable evaluation of your work upon completion. This will help you to spot any simple mistakes you may have made and quickly improve your technique.
Step 7 - Design Variations
  • Box pleated valances
  • Hand stitched valances with a scalloped lower edge.
Next steps
If you would like to purchase our step-by-step guide to making valances, simply click on the 'Add to shopping basket' button at the top of this page. Your guides can be paid for quickly and securely online and will be available for immediate download after purchase.
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