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Design ideas for making your own stiff pelmets

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The pelmet board - MDF
To give you an idea of how the pelmet board should look once constructed this example show a pelmet board made of MDF cut to shape and assembled with fittings for installation.
Pelmet and roller blind combinations
A stiff pelmet teamed with roman blind can be an attractive and practical solution for a small 'problem' window where curtains are unsuitable and a blind alone may seem insufficient. Adding the stiff pelmet has the effect of creating a smarter more formal finish.
Pelmet and roman blind combinations
Teaming a pelmet and blind also enables you to emphasise the eye catching shape, fabric combinations and trimmings you have selected for your pelmet design by replicating these in the style of the blind. Roman blinds can be used to create a stunning tailored effect, looking particularly smart alongside a stiff pelmet.
Shaping the lower edge
It is really just a question of personal preference as to whether you give your pelmet a shaped bottom edge. Here the overall effect created differs quite noticeably, with the shaped pelmet appearing slightly more 'feminine'.  Why not cut out a number of life size paper templates and position them above the window to help you decide on your preferred shape.
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