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Start with the basics - Free beginner's sewing guide!

If you are a complete beginner or have limited sewing experience this is for you! Our aim is to take you through the basic sewing equipment and materials that you will need to get started and teach you how to master the important stitches and seams that you'll soon be using on a variety of sewing projects.

Get to grips with specialist soft furnishings sewing techniques

When making soft furnishings you will need to have a range of sewing techniques at your fingertips. In addition to the basic skills, its a good idea to begin practicing a few of the more specialist soft furnishings techniques, such as piping and mitred borders. Our 'Teach Yourself Guide' covers everything you'll need to get started and will help you to achieve a more professional finish when making everything from cushions to pelmets. The guide can be ordered online and downloaded instantly!
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Let us guide you through the basic design principles

Soft Furnishings

We have written a series of articles ranging from "Getting started with cushions" to "Getting started with lambrequins" (....what on earth are they, I hear you ask!) which are designed to help you get to grips with the various designs and fabric choices you have when making soft furnishings.



Our Design Index focuses more on interior design than soft furnishings, but bear in mind that while your beautiful roman blind may be the focal point of the room, it really will be wasted if it looks completely out of place. Take a few minutes to read through the six key interior design concepts that we've highlighted and think about how to combine your soft furnishings with other accessories, fittings and colour schemes in the room in order to achieve the ultimate effect.

If you are in need of a little help with any of your sewing projects or have a question you'd like answered, visit our message board. The Simply Furnishings team check the board regularly and responds to any postings where we think we can be of assistance. Other visitors to the site may also be able to offer you personal advice and tips.

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