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Here you will find everything we've written about curtains. This includes our top tips for beginners, our comprehensive sewing guide - Teach Yourself Curtains, a unique set of notes on making popular Eyelet and Tab Headed Curtains and lots of exciting design ideas. For all your curtains projects, this is the place to begin!

A beautifully simple double pleat headed curtain on a limed wood pole A new concept -beautiful reverse pleat headings Double pleat hand-stitched headings made easy
Special Feature
Visit our special feature titled Understanding Window Dressing Designs. It is a free resource explaining how to choose the right style of window treatment to suit a variety of different window sizes and designs. This first instalment covers the essential basic principles involved and provides advice and top tips that will help you to successfully design window dressings for medium sized windows. Check it out here >
Other Curtains Resources
Getting started with curtains
Here we've highlighted some important factors to consider before getting to work - the setting and ambiance, the size and position of the window, the use of colour and pattern, and much more. Get started >
Our comprehensive guide to curtain making
  This easy to follow two part sewing guide provides step-by-step instructions that cover everything you need to know to design and make your own curtains - from choosing the design and tracking and pole systems, measuring and estimation, making up and installation. This unique guide is instantly downloadable and costs just 12.99! Find out more here >  
  Have a question about a curtain making project you're working on?
Our friendly message board is a great place to post your questions, or to share your own experience, tips and ideas. It doesn't matter how trivial or challenging, the message board is regularly visited by a wide range of experts and experienced soft furnishings amateurs! Take a look >
Curtain making made easy
Think how much money you'd save making your own curtains. And, how much happier you'd be with the finished product if it were designed to suit your own precise needs in the fabric of your choice. Once you've made your first pair of curtains there's no looking back!
All you need is a space to work in, some sewing tools, a little sewing knowledge and a set of good curtain making instructions.
Cream reverse pleat curtains with co-ordinating roman blind
Our Teach Yourself Curtains sewing guide covers design, planning, measuring, cutting out, making up and installation. In fact, everything you'll need from start to finish all for just 12.99. Ready to have a go?
Making modern tab and eyelet headed curtains
  These minimalist modern curtain designs are hugely popular at the moment and are one of the easiest styles to achieve!
Why not get your own copy of our free guide to making tab and eyelet headed curtains. Use these notes in conjunction with our curtain making guide and create stylish window dressings at the cutting edge of fashion! Get it now >>
Stunning blue and white striped fabric with chrome eyelets
Plain cream eyelet headed curtains with chrome eyelets

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