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If you have already made a range of simple scatter cushions and are keen for a new challenge, then 'advanced cushions' is the project for you!
There are infinite design possibilities when it comes to making advanced cushions. You will have great fun experimenting with the skills you've already acquired and will have the opportunity to perfect some new skills along the way. To get you started and to help you avoid mishaps we've pulled together a checklist of things to think about when designing your advanced cushions. These are short extracts from Simply Furnishings' practical sewing guide TEACHYourself ADVANCED CUSHIONS that we have adapted to give you a taster of things to come!
Consider the design options
We have covered 6 Design Groups in our new 'Advanced Cushions Guide' and each group can be adapted to suit your own individual design flair. If you have ever tried to buy these types of cushions in the high street you will know how difficult it is to find your chosen fabric or colour, alternatively, you may need to have them purpose made which can prove very expensive!
These 6 design groups, some more broad than others, will cover all of the design combinations that you need:
  • Advanced Scatter Cushions
  • Frilled and pleated scatter cushions
  • Bolster and round cushions
  • Box cushions with a zip insert along a band or welt
  • Squab cushions
  • Cushions using mitres or borders
Take some time out to plan your project thoroughly before you start. Follow our simple step-by-step rules to avoid mishaps along the way!
Choose the right fabric
Making an advanced cushion means investing a lot of your own valuable time in something that will give you pleasure to look at and to use, but you will also want the cushion to keep it's 'look' for a long time. Choosing a fabric you like is important, but stop a moment and consider the following questions. If you have thought carefully about all these issues, then you will be well on the way to success!
  • Is the colour and pattern right both for the setting and the size and style of cushion?
  • Is the weight and texture right for the job the cushion is intended for?
  • Will the fabric wear well and either wash or dry clean satisfactorily?
  • If you are seaming different fabrics together, will they all react and wear in the same way?
  • Is the cushion intended to be functional or for purely decorative purposes?
Choose the right filling
What filling will suit your project? Once you have moved on from simple scatter cushion pads, the choice of filling is a lot wider. Make sure you buy the right filling to ensure your cushion has a long life-span.
  • Foam for seating pads – available in different weights and densities.
  • Polyester and stockinet for exterior wrappings – these make trying to insert a box pad into a cover much easier.
  • Feather and fibre – great for upholstery jobs.
Getting started
I hope you are now feeling inspired to have a go yourself! If the more practical side to making advanced cushions seems a little daunting, don't worry. All of the skills you need are clearly and simply outlined in our latest sewing guide. Teach Yourself Advanced Cushions is available to buy online now for just 5.99 (around $8.39) and can be delivered worldwide.
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